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Since it was founded in 2016 by its three founders, PRIME and associates became one of the leading law firms in Indonesia renowned for its reliable and efficient work. The firm has a team and experienced partners, associate lawyers, and staff.

We understand that the market is shifting, and we have analysed what is affecting the industries that we represent. Our counsellors understand the sectors that clients operate in and seek to build genuine long-term relationships. We are creating creative solutions to the most pressing problems, helping clients save time and money, mitigate risks and open up new opportunities. These are an approach that makes PRIME such a distinctive and creative force in the legal world.

We have embraced technology that makes it easier than ever to connect to us by phone, email, live chat, or call our office for a chat.


PRIME & Associates is one of the new generations of Indonesian law firms. It also delivers reliable legal services and assistance tailored to its clients’ requirements within every area of practice.


At PRIME, we strive for law practise excellence, by consistently delivering highly skilled, adhere ethical, and professional standards to our clients.

Our mixed experienced, young and passionate teams could work together, share, and assist in having a more excellent standard of services to address all our clients’ necessity.

With our experience to represent and assist corporations and individuals at a local or international level on the legal issues involving them, we can endeavour for the best results.

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